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Want to start benefiting from affiliate marketing in the next 5 minutes?

3-Click AI App Taps This $17 Billion Industry and Builds Done-For-You, Traffic-Getting “Commission Sites”

(Using Our Proprietary Formula That Makes New Sites Profitable In Just 2 Weeks, While AI Does The Work)

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1000s of Regular People Are Generating Full-Time Incomes in The $17 Billion Affiliate Marketing Industry

affiliate marketing industry

They do that by simply promoting products and services they love.

And the best part is… you can too, when you have the right tools and resources in your arsenal.

With affiliate marketing, you become a “digital influencer”, connecting people with solutions they desperately need…

And earn handsome commissions for every single sale.

It’s win-win, and you can do this:

“But Affiliate Marketing is Still HARD!”

And I wouldn’t argue that. Affiliate marketing can be hard, if you try to do everything from scratch yourself. I’m talking about things like:

stressed man

I know how frustrated it makes you feel and pushes you on the verge of giving up on the very idea of affiliate marketing.

But before you throw in the towel, I’m about to reveal something that instantly changes everything…

For 15 Years, We Have Been Helping 1000s of People  “Crack The Affiliate Algorithm”

👋 Hey!

My team and I have been working hard – building WordPress plugins, apps and websites for 1000s of happy customers in 23 countries.

It took us years of blood, sweat, and tears to “crack the affiliate algorithm” and discover the proven formula that builds traffic-getting, sales-generating WordPress sites.

And with new developments in AI (artificial intelligence), we can make our formula even more powerful and faster.

Want to Copy Our Hard Work With A Few Clicks?

Today, you have the opportunity to steal all of our hard work and get it served on a silver platter in the form of an easy-to-use app…

To finally build traffic-getting, sales-generating affiliate sites within minutes by simply clicking a few buttons!

Introducing: Affiliate Core AI

Affiliate Core AI

Point. Click. Earn.


“One of the best online website builders I have seen – very well thought out”

Gordon Keene

Now Profit From The Same Technology Top Affiliates Use, Without Any Hassle, Hard Work, Or Tech Skills

new technology

This cloud-based web app uses the World’s most popular site-building system for affiliates and search-engine experts: WordPress.

However, it’s much better and easier, because:

We have been creating powerful WordPress software for 15 years, and wanted to give you something that is proven to work, but without the tech hassles.

Who Is Affiliate Core AI For?

Crack the Code to Cash: Influencers and YouTubers Love Modern Affiliate Sites

With Affiliate Core AI, Never Do The Things You Hate:

remote working man

I Know it Sounds “Cliche”, But Money Allows You To:

I know these sound “contrived” – but they are the exact things money can buy!

laptop lifestyle

“I had a site up in no time, even though I’m a technophobe. Another great product from you and your team.”

Hannah Sheridan

Why You’ll Love This App


Done-For-You Business

Build your “empire” with no manual work, or tech hassles.

point-and-click simple

Simple and Intuitive

Point, click, and start seeing sales rolling in

Faster Results

Does with a few clicks what humans need hours to do. 


1000s Of Lucrative Niches

Profit from the top markets and affiliate networks, on autopilot.

1-Click Profitable Content

Custom AI model. Delight your visitors without writing.

Free SEO Traffic

Gets top rankings & 1000s of visitors from Google + Bing.

world people

Built With You In Mind

For bloggers, affiliates, income seekers, and busy people.

Cloud-Based App

Nothing to download, upload, install, or configure.

quick start training

Quick-Start Training 

Brief, “do this, do that” tips, exactly when you need them.


“I’ve buying products from you for over a decade, because you keep updating them”

Marshall Lewis

Even More Reasons You’ll Love This App

launch wp

WordPress Without Woes

Powerful, custom plugins and theme, already set up.

pro design

Modern Design

Great-looking sites. Easy to customize. Mobile responsive.

Premium Hosting Included

Fast. 99.9% uptime. Backups. Big bandwidth. Zero set up.

Proven System

Get our 15 years of marketing and WordPress experience.

Constant Updates

We listen to your feedback & keep improving our system.

Friendly Customer Support

We’ll help you get great results with our system.

How This Generates Income For You, Step-By-Step

Watch The Demo Video (1 min, 25 secs)

See How Everyday People Are Earning Full-Time Incomes With Modern and Honest Affiliate Websites


Ash Read created “Living Cozy” a site in the “home & furniture” niche. It has hundreds of posts ranking on the first page of Google. The website generates 10K+/month.


Samantha North left her full-time job and created the “Digital Émigré” website. She writes about topics that help remote workers start new lives in Europe’s hottest destinations. The site went from 0 to 7K per month, in 2 years.


Brandon Saltalamacchi built “Retro Dodo” a site for anyone looking for retro gaming news and reviews. In 3 years, it grew to 50K monthly revenue.


James Grear has been an avid cyclist practically his whole life. He built “Bike Lock Wiki”, a site dedicated to locks for bikes. The site earns 12K per month.

Become a Founding Member And Get a Steep Discount, Plus Constant Updates

Business people using their phones

Unlike other platforms that claim to have it all figured out, we’re dedicated to co-creating with you.

Why? Because we’re committed to YOUR success.

We’re not aiming for “perfection”, but for constant progress.

By intentionally introducing our web app in its early stages, we’re inviting you to be part of something extraordinary.

We encourage you to share your thoughts. Your suggestions will help us make this web app even more powerful.

Have an idea to make navigation smoother? A suggestion for a feature that would make things easier for you? Let us know!

You’re not just a “user”; you’re a partner. We invite you to join us on this journey. Let’s shape this platform together into the best affiliate website builder in existence. 🙂

And the best part? Get a HUGE discount on our app when you do that.

Do People Enjoy Our Software?


“This was very easy to set up, plus every single function works as advertised”

Simeon Halsey, Beta Tester

Here's What You Are Getting as a Founding Member

login form

Cutting-Edge Cloud App

Just login to our online web app with your username and password. Nothing to download, upload or install.

You’ll be able to access this from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Forget about complex scripts or “hoops” to pass through. Everything is already set up for you.

VALUE: $177

1-2-3 Site Launch Wizard

Kickstart your online journey without the headaches. Time is money, and we understand the urgency of getting your affiliate website up and running. 

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll feel like a pro as you effortlessly go from concept to a live website in minutes!

VALUE: $77

1-Click Engaging Content

Transform your website into a content powerhouse with our revolutionary 1-Click Content Engine. Our custom AI model generates compelling, relevant, and profitable content at the touch of a button. 

Engage your audience without spending hours writing – let our AI do the heavy lifting. Delight your visitors with regularly updated, high-quality material.

VALUE: $297

automatic images

Instant Visual Appeal With Automagic Images

Our platform will add an image to each piece of content – automatically. This will make your content more visually appealing.

Your website visitors will be much more likely to read your content, stay on your site longer, and buy more from you.

Never have to search for images, or pay for image licenses.

VALUE: $297

Automatic Traffic Turbocharger

Achieve top rankings on Google and Bing effortlessly. Our SEO tools work tirelessly in the background, ensuring your website is easily discoverable by search engines.  

Enhance your website’s visibility, driving organic traffic and attracting potential customers. Let the world discover your content without the complexity of manual SEO efforts.

VALUE: $197

Turn Heads With Great-Looking Design

Great-looking sites. Easy to customize. Mobile responsive. Unleash the power of a captivating first impression with our stunning design template. 

Crafted by top-notch designers, this template will catch the eyes of your visitors but also convey professionalism and credibility.

VALUE: $197


Affiliate Core AI Monetizer

Want to turn your websites into money-making machines? Our drag-and-drop, point-and-click system will do this for you. 

Imagine receiving sales notifications by email, daily. Feel confident and relaxed knowing that your website is on track to becoming a lucrative asset. 

Our system effortlessly optimizes your website for maximum profitability. 

Maximize revenue and minimize effort. Focus on your passions while our system works tirelessly in the background!

VALUE: $197

cloud hosting

Peak Performance With Premium Hosting

A fast website enhances user experience but also gives you higher search engine rankings. 

Enjoy peace of mind with 99.9% uptime. Your website will be available to your audience whenever they need it. 

With generous bandwidth, your site can handle traffic spikes without missing a beat. Everything is already configured. Zero setup needed from you.

VALUE: $97


Constant, Hassle-Free Updates

When you build a website yourself, you need to be updating the code and software regularly. If you don’t do this, your site will start showing errors or working slowly.

Lucky for you, we are doing all the hard work in the background. Your site will always be running on the latest technology, without you lifting a finger!

VALUE: $97

mobile business

An Affiliate Business in Your Palm With Our Smartphone Edition

Our cutting-edge affiliate marketing app isn’t just limited to your desktop. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with your mobile lifestyle.

Whether you’re on an Android, iPhone, or tablet, our app ensures uninterrupted access to your affiliate marketing business.

This will allow you to always be connected and in control. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply away from your computer, this app lets you seize every chance to boost your earnings.

VALUE: $197

Friendly Customer Support

Your success is our priority. We’re committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with our web-app. Our friendly customer support team is ready to provide prompt and personalized assistance. 

Whether you have a technical query, need guidance, or simply want advice on optimizing your site, we’re here for you with a smile. Our support team consists of real people, passionate about helping you succeed.

VALUE: Priceless


Success Guarantee

You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. We’re so confident you’ll get results with our app, that we’re putting our money where our mouth is. 

If your site doesn’t make money, contact our friendly support desk. We’ll help you, so your site starts getting traffic and sales.

In the highly unlikely event we are unable to help you, we’ll refund your purchase. Plus, you get to keep all the bonuses. We want to build a long-term business relationship with you, so we are both happy for years to come.

VALUE: Priceless

But Wait… You Are Also Getting These Incredible Bonuses!

online training

Bonus: Get Up and Running Fast With Quick-Start Training

To be totally honest, the app is so intuitive that you will likely not need any “help.”

However, you’ll still get access to quick help tips, whenever you need them.

That way, you’ll become an affiliate pro in no time.

VALUE: $97

Confessions of a 6-figure affiliate

Bonus: Confessions of a 6-Figure Affiliate

Discover some of the best-kept secrets of dominating “affiliate leaderboards” and generating income at will.

This is no-fluff, “do this, do that” training.

Generate passive commissions and avoid the mistakes that stop most beginners in their tracks.

It took years of blood, sweat and tears to figure some of these out, so you are really getting a treat. 🙂

VALUE: $297

lucrative niches

Bonus: 50 Red-Hot Niches That Will Explode Your Affiliate Earnings in 2024

Discover the 50 most lucrative, untapped niches ready to boom!

We have analyzed market trends and growth forecasts to bring you a curated list of niches where demand is soaring, but competition is still catching up.

This cheatsheet is like your “treasure map” to generating more income.

VALUE: $197

profit keywords

Bonus: Copy-Paste Profit Keywords

Access our “zero research”, strategy for tapping into keywords and topics that generate real sales (not just “hits” or “clicks”). This WORKS, and most people ignore it.

VALUE: $97

content commander

Bonus: Power Profit Prompt

Our custom “prompt” for content that crashes competitors and endears your website visitors. 

We have already “embedded” this in this app, but you can also edit it, if you want.

VALUE: $97

approved handshake

Bonus: Guaranteed Approval For Top Affiliate Offers

One of the biggest problems new affiliates have is that product vendors may not accept them in their affiliate programs.

It’s frustrating and feels unfair.

We are solving this problem for you, by giving you guaranteed approval for some of the top-performing affiliate offers!

VALUE: $97


Bonus: 10K Traffic Accelerator

Swipe the exact same traffic sources we’ve used to generate 1000s of free website visitors per day, every single day, for the past 12 months. Your free.

VALUE: $97

Total Real Value: $2,609

Still On The Verge? Get Your 1st Affiliate Commission Or Your Money Back

girl tablet

You’re not the first one to try our app or make money using it.

This is what gives us the confidence to give you a solid success guarantee.

It means that if you don’t make money using our app, then our support team will work with you until you start making money.

And if, in a highly unlikely event, you still don’t make any money… we will go ahead and refund 100% of ALL of your money back. No questions asked.

Yes, that’s the amount of faith we have in the revolutionary app that we have built. And you can now take advantage of it absolutely risk-free.

Get Your Commission Site in The Next 5 Minutes

Please read: When you compare the price to the MASSIVE amount of value you’re getting, it becomes a complete no-brainer. We are only doing this to get more feedback from founding members. This will help us improve this system for all customers like you. Once you purchase, we encourage you to tell us how to improve our platform. In return, we let you use our app at an unbelievably low price. Deal?

Offer Closed. 



(Best Option)

Imagine Living Life on Your Terms In Just 2 Weeks From Now…

laptop lifestyle

Imagine a time 2 weeks from now…

You are now waking up in the morning to the DINGS of new sales while you were sleeping like a baby with your spouse…

That’s hundreds of dollars going into your bank account without you needing to actively do anything at all. You’re now living the true internet lifestyle with passive income flowing in your account with every hour of every day.

You finally have the courage and the resources to say the two magic words to your nasty boss: “I quit!”

You can now take care of your family like you always wanted to…

The best part is… this could all be a reality for you 2 weeks from now… if you just grab the opportunity that is knocking at your door today… and purchase Affiliate Core AI while the time is still right.

I Don’t Want to Put Pressure on You, But You Have Two Options…

Option 1 (Nothing Changes)

You leave this page, do nothing about the life-changing, proven opportunity that was presented to you, and NOTHING will change.

You will wake up the next morning and go to the same boring job that barely pays bills and doesn’t give you the opportunity to travel the world.

You will keep on scrolling the internet for money-making opportunities and start chasing a new shiny object every day without actually making any income.

And you will keep on slaving for a nasty boss for the rest of your life.

Option 2 (Get a Chance to Be Financially Free)

Leverage our proprietary formula perfected over 15 years to make money with affiliate marketing without any hassles, tech knowledge, or hard work.

Hundreds of people have already used this app to change their lives, and you could be next!

So, click the order button below to become a founding member of Affiliate Core AI And start generating income with affiliate marketing in just 2 weeks.

Because if you don’t, we will give 100% of your money back. That’s our guarantee. And that’s what makes your decision absolutely risk-free.

You Have Questions? We Got Answers

The app is hosted on our reliable cloud servers. There’s nothing for you to download, upload or install. You just login, and click a few buttons (honestly).

This is a WordPress-based, cloud app. Think of it as “WordPress without the woes.”

“Classic” WordPress is great, but it requires you to download, upload and install files. No worries though. You will not have to download, upload or install anything. We have already done the work. The right WordPress plugins and themes are already set up in your online dashboard. 

You just login, click a few buttons, and your awesome website is ready.

This is not a plugin that gets installed on existing, stand-alone WordPress sites. To be honest, there are so many functions behind the scenes, that most servers couldn’t handle it. That’s why we have everything pre-installed and pre-configured on on our own powerful dedicated servers.

We have been experts in WordPress for 15 years, and we wanted to give you something that is proven to work, but without the tech hassles.

Yes. We built this so that even our grandparents could use it. If you can copy, paste and click, you can build a profitable affiliate site fast.

It works for all niches, including: Health, fitness, weight loss & dieting, digital marketing, personal development, pets, relationships & dating, travel, personal finance, home security, parenting, music, outdoor & adventure, electronics, home and garden, beauty, fashion, and anything else you can think of.

Yes. There are easy controls that allow you to change colors, add/remove sections, tweak the layout, menus, etc.

Sure, you can add content both with AI and manually.

We have already installed our custom plugins and theme, and have configured them for you.

This will allow you to get up and running, without complex set up.

The system doesn’t allow external plugins or themes, because we want to ensure the great performance and security of your account.

We deliberately made everything so easy, so you can do it with practically no training.

That said, in a few key parts of the process, we will point you in the right direction, so you succeed right away.

We don’t control how Google or other search engines rank sites. However, this app does everything it says on the tin from a technical standpoint. If you are not happy with it, we’ll do everything we can to  make it right for you, or just return your money.  

There are a few upgrades. They are all optional, and you can use them if you want faster results, or if they fit with what you are trying to achieve. They are the following:

Affiliate Core AI PRO: Tons of extra content options, unlimited everything, etc.

Affiliate Core AI VIDEO: Allows you to create hundreds of posts with YouTube videos, with a few clicks.

Affiliate Core AI TRAFFIC: Extra automatic SEO optimizations, a backlinks builder module, and traffic training.

Affiliate Core AI LEADS: This will help you build an email list from your site, build a relationship with those people, and ultimately generate extra income.

Affiliate Core AI AGENCY: The ability and training to sell sites created by the app, and also set up sites for clients.

Absolutely. Just contact our support desk, and our friendly staff will help you with anything you need.

You are protected by our 30-day, money-back guarantee. We have some of the lowest refund rates in the industry, because our products get results for our customers.

We are actually losing money on this (yes, really), but we have two good reasons for doing so, on purpose.

1) We want to get feedback from real people, like you, so we make our app even better, faster. We are sacrificing early profits, so we can grow our company more in the future. 

2) Once you experience the results our web app delivers, you’ll be itching to become a full-fledged client, and buy even more products and services from us. 

It makes great business sense, and it’s win-win for both of us. 

Just click the  button below and you’ll be up and running in minutes. 🙂

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Secure Checkout. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

To your success,
George Katsoudas
(The Greek Geek)
and The Jet Set Apps team