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Hit a Wall Trying to Earn Online Income?

Ever sit up late, staring at your computer? You’re reading another guide that says it’ll make you rich. 

You know it’s possible. You’ve seen the success stories; folks who’ve hit it big and now lounge on beaches with their laptops, cashing in while they snooze.

Yet, nothing seems to be working for you. You feel like you’re running in circles.

You dream of a website that generates traffic and income while you do things you love.

But it’s tough. 

  • Writing content takes time.
  • Complex tools give you a headache
  • SEO jargon is complicated.

You feel like wasting time and not getting anywhere.

Super Affiliates Use AI to Win Big

A growing group of “ordinary people” are using AI websites to make a small fortune. These sites generate traffic and income while their owners are doing things they enjoy.

Imagine owning a website that generates commissions for you daly, while giving really valuable content to your website visitors.

The kicker? These affiliates are building their sites in days, not months. It takes a lot of knowledge, custom tools and proper planning, but it can be done.

For 15 Years, We Have Been Helping 1000s of
WordPress Users to “Crack The Affiliate Algorithm”

My team and I have been working hard – building WordPress plugins, apps and websites for 1000s of happy customers in 23 countries. 

You may be familiar with some of our WordPress plugins like Traffic Goliath, 1-Click WP SEO, WP Empire Builder, Associate Goliath, Video Profit Engine, and many others. Best-selling plugins that are being used on hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites as we speak. 

Yes, the banners above are a bit “tacky”, but hey…

Our free training has helped thousands to earn more. Special reports like:

  • “10 Secrets of $10K/Month WordPress Sites”.
  • “6 WordPress SEO Hacks to 4X Your Organic Traffic”.
  • “10 Fatal WordPress Site Mistakes to Avoid”.
  • “10X Your Traffic With These Blog-Post Title Templates”.
  • And many others

“In two weeks, my site was not just live but already indexed in Google and attracting visitors.”

Mason Cote

Your Turn: Let Us Build Your Next Profit-Pulling “HLA” Site, Using Our Unique Approach

For the last few months, we have been building what we call “HLA” sites. This stands for “Human-Like AI”. And the results have been huge. These sites generate traffic and sales fast.

So, why are we calling these “Human Like AI” sites?

The PROBLEM with TRADITIONAL sites built with AI is that they are too “templated.” All posts look and “feel” exactly the same. This tells Google that something fishy is going on. As a result, Google “shadow bans” those sites and ranks them low.

On the other hand, our sites look much more NATURAL. For example:

  • The posts are based on a mix of “how to”, “commercial” and “PAA (people also ask)” keywords.
  • The writing itself sounds “normal” and doesn’t have that “robotic stench” you typically see with AI content.
  • The content varies in length. Some posts are short, some are medium in length and others are long.
  • Some posts have videos embedded. Others don’t.

And many other variations we can’t mention openly here. Why? Because competitors are spying and trying to copy everything we do. These “do-gooders” have been copying our software and tactics for over a decade, trying to play catch up. But hey, they say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, so it’s all good.


“It would have taken me MONTHS to put such a website together. But it was ready in a few days!”

Lachlan Phillips

2 Mistakes That May Be Holding You Back

Mistake #1: Doing everything yourself. Let’s get real for a second: Creating a complete affiliate website takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge. Doing it yourself can be admirable, but it may not be the best use of your time. Others may be able to do some tasks faster or better.

Mistake #2: No balance between quality and quantity. Generating 1000s of garbage posts will make Google (and people) avoid your site like the plague. On the other hand, pouring your soul into creating content by hand can cost you tons of time and effort (or money, if you outsource it). Most people give up after 5-10 posts. The best approach? Use AI, but in a smart way that mimics human writing. That way, you can have hundreds of high-quality posts generating traffic and income for you.

3 Reasons You’ll Enjoy Premium Service Without the $10,000 Price Tag

People have happily paid us between $8,000 and $10,000 for fully custom websites that knocked their socks off.

But today, you’re in for a treat. You can get an experience that’s nearly identical but at a much lower price. How, you ask? Let me break it down:

1) Smart Content Creation: We use special prompts developed by our team to kickstart content creation. Then, we personally fine-tune each piece. This approach cuts down on time and costs, passing those savings directly to you.

2) Effortless Imagery: Every article gets a great-looking “featured image” to grab attention. But we don’t waste time hunting for these one by one. Instead, we use smart tools to quickly find and place relevant, royalty-free images. It’s all about saving time and money, without skimping on quality.

3) Tailored Tweaks: While we’ll not be able to customize every tiny detail of your final site, we want to make sure your site meets your needs. Need a quick tweak? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a unique look? We’ll point you in the right direction, like suggesting a different “theme” to make your site stand out.

This Service IS For You If


“The content they created genuinely helps my readers. It’s also probably better than what I would have written. :-)”

Parker Rivera

Here’s What You Can Expect When We Build Your Profitable Affiliate Site

launch wp

Lucrative AI Niches

We have curated the hottest money-making niches. Hidden gems and trending topics. Perfect for AI sites. Have your own niche idea? Bring it to the table!

(Value: $97)

“Profit Keywords” Research

We use a natural mix of “how to”, “commercial” and PAA (people also ask) keywords, to get the right visitors to your website

(Value: $167)

Content That Ranks

First, we craft engaging content with our custom, in-house prompts. Then, we polish it. Google and your visitors will love your site!

(Value: $1,497)

mobile responsive

Vivid Visuals, Unlocked

Royalty-free images that captivate and engage, making every visitor’s experience unforgettable.

(Value: $197)

profitable video posts

Video-Enhanced Posts

Embedded YouTube videos that keep your visitors entertained and informed — and coming back for more.

(Value: $147)

Dynamic Traffic Strategy

We SEO optimize the content, so your site climbs to the top of Google. Our approach constantly adapts to search engine algorithm changes.

  (Value: $797)

pro design

Sleek, Modern Design

Professional, mobile-responsive website design that looks fantastic on phone, tablet, or desktop.

(Value: $147)

1 Year of Premium Hosting

If you want, we will host your site for the first year. Fast, dedicated servers. 99.9% uptime. Backups. Big bandwidth. Zero set up.

(Value: $97)


Plug-and-Play Profits

We seamlessly integrate your affiliate links and banners into your site. Start earning with zero hassle.

(Value: $147)


They answered every question I had quickly and with such friendliness.

Théo Poirier

1 More Reason You'll Love This Service

Priority Support

Enjoy priority support, and quick help with your websites, for up to 1 full year.

(Value: $497)

Our Rock-Solid Satisfaction Promise


Buying an affiliate website is a big deal, and we’re here to make sure you love what you get. Here’s our promise to you:

1) You’ll get everything we said you would on your site.
2) Everything on your site will work right (like pictures and links).
3) We’ll get your site done on time
4) If you need a little help or a small change after, just ask us.

If we don’t do what we said, we’ll give your money back and take the site back. And, sometimes, we might talk about giving some of your money back if things aren’t just right.

This promise is not for people who want to trick us. It’s for people like you, who are honest and really want to work with us.

We want you to be happy working with us, so you’ll be buying more websites from us later. It’s win-win!

Let’s start building your digital empire, together, one site at a time!

Choose Your Human-Like AI Profit Site Level




You Have Questions? We Got Answers

No worries! Our service is designed to be beginner-friendly. We provide you with a fully functional, ready-to-monetize website. Plus, we offer support and guidance to help you navigate the world of affiliate marketing. The site will run itself (even update its technology automatically, without you having to actively manage it). Also, by seeing first-hand from the inside what a “real” affiliate website looks like, you will be able to replicate the approach for your projects.

Thousands of people are earning full-time incomes with affiliate websites. Most “blogs” in niches like fitness, health, crypto, beauty, health, business, relationships etc make money by recommending high-quality affiliate products.

Let us know your niche, affiliate product, site name, etc. Then, sit back and relax.

We provide a list of lucrative, trending niches for you to choose from. Or, you can give us your niche if you prefer.

Pretty much. But nothing illegal or “adult” related.

Starter: 5-7 business days.

Growth:  7-9 business days.

Authority: 9-12 business days.

Although no one can guarantee you a specific income, we’ve seen sites make $300-$1,000+/month within 3-6 months, when an SEO plan is followed. Search engines like Google and Bing need some time to fully index and rank a new website. That said, the indexing process can start within a few days.

We tested what content gets the most organic traffic from Google and Bing. The result? The best content reads like a “normal person” wrote it.

This type of writing has the following characteristics:

  • Conversational language.
  • Simple words.
  • Short, punchy sentences.
  • Enough variety added in to keep things interesting.

This is similar to the writing you see on this very page. Of course, if you prefer a different style, we can do that too!

You can do this. It’s your site. Although the content we create shouldn’t need any editing.

Yes! The site has super-easy controls to change colors, fonts, section layouts, site name, etc. You can even use your own WordPress theme if you prefer too (We use a premium theme with nice design). The site can be made as unique as you like.

Of course! It’s your site, and you can do whatever you want with it! 🙂

Building backlinks to your new site can help it get indexed faster and rank higher. Feel free to contact us for a backlink building campaign.

Absolutely! It’s your site, and your site only. You can do whatever you wish with it. Several clients use our service as a “white label” approach to resell sites to their clients.

Most site-building services fall in one of two categories: They understand marketing, but don’t understand the technical aspect of WordPress. Or, they are developers who don’t understand marketing. We understand both, and we have been on the fore-front of both affiliate marketing and WordPress for 15+ years.

Real talk?

Many “agencies” charge 10 times what it costs them to build a site. In this way, they take advantage of inexperienced people who don’t know any better. There, we said it.

However, some companies really do want to offer a great service at a fair price. 

The reason we have priced our service so low for now, is to get even more feedback from customers. This will help us make our service even better. We are also looking for testimonials that will help us generate even more business in the future. So this is win-win for both you and us.

If you order 3 or more, contact us and we’ll give you a small discount. 

Reach out to us, and we’ll help you overcome the issue.

If we fail to deliver your site in time, we can refund your purchase. We will buy the website back from you.

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Secure Checkout. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

To your success,
George Katsoudas
(The Greek Geek)
and The Jet Set Apps team