Shorts Profit Builder support - How to get your issue resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible:

Welcome! If you are here, you probably need help with something. We feel your frustration, and we are here for you! ❤️

Please, read the instructions below, carefully:

1) Looking to access your purchase? Find it here. Search for “Shorts Profit Builder.”

2) When one customer reports an issue, we fix it for all customers, within a few days (sometimes, on the same day). Usually, within 2 weeks after a launch, all little issues should have been fixed, even if you don’t tell us about them. Stay calm, and we will (over)deliver. Promise!

3) Before submitting a support ticket, please make sure you check out our brief knowledgebase. 90% of your questions are already answered there. 😇

4) If you already tried the knowledgebase and still need to open a support ticket, include as much info as necessary. For example:

  • Your user account email.
  • Your site’s URL.
  • A direct link to a specific page or function that has an issue.
  • The exact error you are getting (screenshots help).
  • Exactly what you were trying to do when the issue happened.
  • If you already tried something in order to overcome the issue, and what were the results.

5) Write descriptive titles. For example: “Error XYZ when doing 123.” That way, your support ticket will reach the right team member the fastest.

6) After you submit a support ticket, check your email inbox. Do you see a message there from our helpdesk, notifying you that you have opened a support ticket? If not, please check your spam folder and whitelist the email address support@helpcenterhq.com. Btw, that email address is not monitored, so please do not reply to it. 😉

7) Email notifications can disappear in cyberspace for all kinds of reasons. So, you may also want to bookmark your ticket and visit it after 48 hours. Chances are we will have already responded to it..

8) We want to serve you and other customers even better in the future. Sometimes, a product may not be a good fit so a refund may need to be processed. It happens. In case you are requesting a refund, we require that you tell us the reason, and give us a chance to help you fix the issue. For example: “When I click this blue button, nothing happens”. We work hard to create top-notch products at affordable prices, and we want satisfied customers.

9) In rare cases, our payment system may automatically block a customer from purchasing in the future. This may happen if someone:

  • Asks for refunds repeatedly.
  • Asks for refunds on a product and its upgrades, even though the upgrades are not directly related to the core product.
  • Does not provide a solid reason for the refund request (Example: “I just want a refund.”)
  • Opens a Paypal dispute.

Businesses may lose their payment processor accounts due to refunds or disputes, so this is serious business. Just work with us and we’ll do our best to make it right for you. We don’t do “churn and burn” schemes. We’ve been in business for 18 years, and we aren’t going anywhere. We love our customers, and we want to work with you, so you get results! 👍

10) During busy times, it may take up to 48 hours for us to respond to a ticket (but typically less than 24 hours). There’s no reason to open multiple support tickets for the same issue, or to “ping” the same ticket again. Please stay calm and patient, and it will work out. Just trust us.

11) We welcome your ideas and suggestions to make our products better. We will consider adding new features, especially those that would be useful to a large number of customers. If you give us a good idea on how to improve our products, and we end up using your idea, we will find a way to reward you for it. 🙂

12) If you want to leave as a testimonial, feel free to send it to us. You can include a picture of yours or your website URL if you want. If you also have some constructive criticism (which is fine), feel free to include it separately from the testimonial, and we’ll do our best to improve.

Need to open a support ticket? Click here.

Thank you!

– The Shorts Profit Builder Team